Day One

My first day has been interesting to say the least.  I did manage to sleep until 1pm. Jet lag kicked my butt. My housing company put on an afternoon tea where we had sandwiches and tea. I tried my hand at making tea.  I was terrible at it and it made me miss southern sweet tea something fierce.  I also met up with the group of girls I befriended last night.

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Check In 1

Alright y’all! I just wanted to do a quick check in with everyone!

While life is keeping me busy I am reading! I am currently three books in on the YA Fantasy Send Off. Queen of Shadows was incredibleI’m currently on Snow Like Ashes and it started a bit slow but I am really loving it now.  I’m aiming to finish SLA and an ARC of Ice Like Fire before I leave on Friday.

As always you can find me talking books and fangirling in general over on Twitter, so come say hi!

Sláinte, darling!

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One Week To Go.

One week. Oh my gosh, y’all. I leave in one week!

This past week has been hectic- I finished my last week at work, trying to keep up with my reading challenge and just trying to get everything taken care of in general.

Last weekend my aunt, Monica, and cousin, Ashlyn, threw me the best going away party ever.

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T-Minus Three Weeks

I leave in three weeks. THREE STINKING WEEKS! It’s starting to sink in that I’m actually doing this.

I’m excited that everything is coming together.  I got all most of my housing stuff and clothing so take with me.  After a few weeks of wanting to rip my hair out I received my Visa letter decision and that bad boy is finally on it’s way (along with my passport) to me.  Now all I need to do is initiate my scheduling and get all of my things packed up.  By things I mean my books that I refuse to leave behind.

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What they didn’t tell you.

So as I’ve started this whole process I’ve made lists, lists, and more lists of things I have to do, send out, and accomplish before I get on the plane.

What no one told me was how difficult, time consuming, and expensive a lot of this is.  I took for granted being able to easily call your university or swing by the office to clear up your business. Now, I have to go through a university messaging center and it can take days for someone to get back to you. And calling? Who wants to rack up a bunch of international calling charges? Thankfully, the one time I had to call the lady in the office was a gem and tried to make the call as swift as possible while getting me the information I needed.

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I started Dreaming of Alba to be able to share my experiences of getting to and living in Scotland.

I’ll start with a mini history lesson.  My blog title comes from the Scots Gaelic word for Scotland, which is Alba. Scotland was also called Caledonia, “Be Caledonia”, for my fellow Dublin Street fans.

I’ve always wanted to travel to Scotland, but to be able to live there and to study is an absolute dream come true.  I am ecstatic to study literature in the seat of Alba’s history. I can’t wait to begin my journey.

Sláinte, darling!