Top Ten Tuesday: Books That I’m Bringing To Scotland

To kick off my first Top Ten Tuesday I am choosing the ten books I can’t live without and that will be making the journey to Scotland with me.

The Books:

Outlander – Diana Gabaldon


This book is my top choice because, hello, it’s about an intelligent, sassy, brave heroine who finds herself in 1600s Scotland. Not to mention it has one of my favorite literary men in it, James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser. Who doesn’t love Jamie?! And Murtagh. This book cultivated my love for Scotland. It’s the first one to go.

The Throne of Glass series – Sarah J. Maas


Yes, I am bringing the entire series with me. Throne of Glass is one of those series that just really resonates with you. I can’t say enough good things about this series. Each installment of the series gets better and better (Queen of Shadows was perfection). I laughed, I cried, I raged, and I rejoiced, all to whatever end. It’s definitely one of my favorite series I’ve read.

A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas


Sticking with the Maas tradition I have to include ACOTAR. It’s a Beauty and the Beast retelling with Fae and guys, I loved it. It is by far one of my favorite retellings I’ve read. I could read this book again and again and not tire of it. Fae lord Tamlin? Yes please. Plus the second installment is slotted to release in May so I’ll get plenty of reads in before then!

Persuasion – Jane Austen


I can’t make a list of books I can’t live without and not include Persuasion. This book is my favorite Austen novel.  It is such a lovely story about second chances and love and life.  The small moments are big and Wentworth is definitely swoon worthy. The entire novel reminds me of a orchestra and when it hits the crescendo? It is beautiful. It has, hands down, one of the best love declaration scenes ever.

On Dublin Street series – Samantha Young


Y’all. I hope you didn’t think I’d leave On Dublin Street off my list.  I make jokes about going to Scotland to find my Braden or Cam or Nate but I totally could be down for finding me one of those. They are 500% swoon worthy and sexy and just…goodness. Added bonus: Young writes some tough, inspiring, relatable heroines. PS: While I love the series as a whole, my favorite is On Jamaica Lane. If I were ever a book character I am Olivia Holloway.  And Nate? Goodness above. Let’s all thank Young for her creation of these men.

Stay With Me – J. Lynn


Okay, so this is technically the third book in the Wait for You series but it was the first one I started reading. Stay With Me, along with Fall With Me, are definitely my favorites of the series. Each book features a different couple in a group of friends and they are all fantastic. I love to read these again when I’m having a bad day.  The fifth book is releasing soon so I’ll probably read them again before then!

Chasing River – K.A. Tucker


Much like Stay With Me, Chasing River is the third book in the Burying Water series.  I’ve read, and loved, the Ten Tiny Breaths series but this series is my favorite.  I feel inspired by the main character, Amber.  She decides to go travel abroad for three months alone to do something just for her…ahem, sounds familiar, yes? Along the way she meets Irish bartender, River. Need I say more?  Add an interesting bucket list and you’ve got the makings for an incredible story. The fourth book is also releasing soon!

Vampire Academy – Richelle Meade 


Okay, so I read this series in high school and recently read it again. I forgot just how much I adore Rose and Dimitri.  Seriously. Rose is fierce, vulnerable, and completely kickass. Dimitri is intense, loving, and relentless. It’s definitely one of my favorite urban contemporary novels I’ve read! I wouldn’t mind reading this again. Maybe on a train to Russia?

Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard 


This book was so good! Aveyard takes a mix of a lot of common threads and weaves them into a new story that was fantastic. Rise, red as the dawn. The characters are captivating and inspiring all while making you want to slap someone. I’ll definitely be reading this again and again before Glass Sword releases in 2016.

Dark Wild Night – Christina Lauren 


Book three of the Wild Seasons series, Dark Wild Night is about geeky (in all the best ways) Lola and Oliver. I am a huge fan of the Wild Seasons books, I mean, do you guys remember Finn?! While Dark Wild Night isn’t slotted to release until September 15th, I won a signed copy so I get it a little earlier than the general public.  I chose this one because I have been the most excited to get Lola and Oliver’s story.  It might be my plane book…or maybe not.

Extras that might will be sneaking into my luggage:

Kiss of Deception, Heart of Betrayal – Mary E. Pearson

The Wrath and The Dawn – Renee Ahdieh

Cinder (and the rest of The Lunar Chronicles) – Marissa Meyer

Cruel Beauty – Rosamund Hodge

Crimson Bound – Rosamund Hodge

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books That I’m Bringing To Scotland

  1. Great list but we do have books in Scotland so you don’t need to bring them 🙂

    If you want a Glasgow based book with a bit of romance you should try Sacred Art of Stealing by Christopher Brookmyre.


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