One Week To Go.

One week. Oh my gosh, y’all. I leave in one week!

This past week has been hectic- I finished my last week at work, trying to keep up with my reading challenge and just trying to get everything taken care of in general.

Last weekend my aunt, Monica, and cousin, Ashlyn, threw me the best going away party ever.

They set up water kickball. We ran on slip-n-slides covered in baby soap to kiddie pool bases. And, guys, it wasn’t easy to run on. I got scrapes and bruises from it. We played two games. In one of them it was guys against girls. We lost spectacularly. Then, my team made the comeback of the year!

The party was lovely. It was nice to take a break from all the chaos of planning and spend time with family and friends. So thanks to everyone who helped and came for making it so special to me. It’s moments like these that remind me of the incredible support system I have at home.

Now that my deadline is looming I’m starting to feel a bit more pressure. So far I’ve put on a brave face and been completely excited to go, but I am going to miss my home very much. I’m going to miss my mama, and my daddy, and my brother, and Boston, and even Mad Max. I’m going to miss my Mawmee, my Pawpaw, my Rae, my Gabe, my Bonbon, my philosophical Casey, my Ola Ann, my person AC, my sassy Alyssa, my book BFF Raquel, my B-Fish, and I can keep going on and on and on.

As much as I am going to miss everyone and home, I can’t wait to start my adventure. As Belle would say, “I want an adventure in the great wide somewhere.”

Sláinte, darling.

One thought on “One Week To Go.

  1. Awwwww!! I’m going to miss you too!! We’ve become fast good friends in the past few months and I consider you family! I’m not going to cry because you’re going somewhere awesome and you’re going to have a fantastic time in Scotland and you’re going to meet a sexy Scottish man! So why should I cry because of that?


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