T-Minus Three Weeks

I leave in three weeks. THREE STINKING WEEKS! It’s starting to sink in that I’m actually doing this.

I’m excited that everything is coming together.  I got all most of my housing stuff and clothing so take with me.  After a few weeks of wanting to rip my hair out I received my Visa letter decision and that bad boy is finally on it’s way (along with my passport) to me.  Now all I need to do is initiate my scheduling and get all of my things packed up.  By things I mean my books that I refuse to leave behind.

Everyone is asking me if I’m scared to be going alone.  Honestly? A little but my excitement over shadows any apprehension I have.  Yes, I will be alone. Yes, I’m nervous. Yes, I can’t wait. It’s definitely going to be an adjustment and I’m going to have to learn to come out of my shell a bit. I’m actually going to have to..GASP… talk to people.

 This adventure is going to push me out of my comfort zone which is something I really need.  Had I not stepped out of my comfort zone last year I wouldn’t have spoken to a girl I had a few classes with and she wouldn’t be one of my closest friends. Yes, Raquel, I’m talking about you.  Being alone is going to force me to put myself out there and talk to people, to make friends, to get rejected or accepted.  So yes, I’m terrified but I’m also exhilarated by the idea.

So y’all, with three weeks to go I’m still in excited phase.  Let’s see how two weeks out feels.

Sláinte, darling!

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