The Queen, Domestic Goddesses, and a Lot of Soup – Week Three.

Hi y’all! This week has been a bit slow for me as I’m finally settling into class and whatnot. It’s also been fairly bittersweet for me. I got a lot of goodies from home, which in turn made me miss home.  

There are also a lot of dogs in Scotland. Well, a lot in the sense people take their dogs everywhere so you see them all the time. I want to pet them all. So far I’ve been able to resist temptation but I know soon I’m going to cave and beg someone to let me play with their pup. Seeing dogs everywhere has me missing my Boston something fierce. I miss his big goofy playing and his adorably sweet cuddles. I mean guys, look at this face!


Isn’t he so handsome and adorable?! Say yes. I think I miss him the most. Just kidding Mama! You know I miss y’all the most. I think. Kidding kidding. Of course I do. I can’t wait to be home in December and see everyone.

I finally had all three of my classes this week. Although my class schedule isn’t busy is basically non existent my course load is pretty heavy. We have so much reading. And y’all, you know I love to read. But this is a lot. One of my classes meets every other week and we had fourteen readings to do for one class meeting. We only actually discussed two. Although it’s a heavy load I’m very excited. I’m reading a lot of material that I have little to no experience in, so it’s exciting.

Enough about school. I have to say I was fairly boring again this week. My friends, and adventure buddies, all have a heavier course load than I do so we weren’t able to get away to do any exploring this week. Next week we will though!

I did go out again this weekend with Merce and Marie. We went to The Garage this time. One thing I have noticed is Glasgow club DJs love their Dirty Dancing soundtrack and I am not complaining one bit.  I’ve also realized that Glasgow has some colorful people who go out. I met some self proclaimed “idiots”, one “arsehole”, an apologetic friend, and I’ve also met Scotland’s equivalent of The Big Bang Theory.  It’s always an adventure going out here.

The highlights of my week were as follows:

  • The delivery of my package from Mama. Goodness knows I was missing my Tony’s and sweet tea. It’s been so nice having this.
  • I cooked a lot this weekend and crafted. I was feeling very domestic. You can juse call me a domestic goddess.  I made Mama’s shrimp and corn soup tonight for everyone, and when I started to look for the ingredients I realized I wasn’t going to be able to take shortcuts because they don’t have cream of potato soup here. So, I had to make my own potato soup on Friday, which was delicious, and while I was cooking I finally did made something to display my polaroid pictures from home! I am proud to say that not only was the potato soup good, but so was the shrimp and corn soup! All the girls told me it was delicious, and I’m hoping they weren’t just fibbing to me. I’m hoping for the latter.


  • And finally the highlight of my week was this:


The Queen has spoken. I had a massive fangirl moment when this happened. Obviously I was referring to Before Jamaica Lane, because I am Olivia. Now I just need my Nate. Please. But I would take any Samantha Young novel plot. I’m really not picky. I promise.

I’ve also realized that I may be in danger. Not only have I developed an unhealthy a perfectly acceptable love for Waterstones. I’ve also realized that they have not one, not two, but three Lush stores in Glasgow. Oh boy, am I in trouble. But at least I’ll be have soft skin, smell amazing, and be very well read. I won’t complain about that. Ever. Plus, Lush is very cheeky. I got a good giggle in over their “How to Use” on my new body wash.

Well, I believe I am off to dance around my flat in fuzzy socks go finish the Grisha series.

Sláinte, darling!

PS: I may or may not have been eating shrimp and corn soup as a midnight snack while drafting this post. You’ll never know for sure.

PPS: Of course I was. The soup is delicious, man!


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