Week Two.

So my second week in Scotland has come and gone. I still can’t believe I’m living here. My classes started this week so I didn’t really get out and do very much.

did find where I’ll probably spend the majority of my spending money – Waterstones. I love that store. It’s levels of books and a coffee shop and I can see myself going there frequently.  I couldn’t resist and picked up A Court of Thorns and Roses and Queen of Shadows. I was really excited because they were both paperback AND the UK covers, or at least QoS was! I’ve also noticed that books are much cheaper in the UK. Everyone knows that’s probably a dangerous thing for me but oh well.

My classes are really interesting, or at least the way they are laid out. I only have three classes a semester. THREE. And one of them only meets every other week. To be honest, I was a little worried about being a bit bored then I got my syllabi and I have an absurd amount of reading to do for each class so no worries about being bored. I do have good news though! My classes let out the first week of December so now I’ll be able to go home for just about the entire month of December! I’m really happy about that, especially considering when I leave at the end of the month I won’t come back until September.

I have to admit I got a little lonely this week. I was holed away in my flat and I just got to missing home a bit. I did receive a few 2:30 am Skype calls from Gabe who didn’t quite understand that although it just turned dark there it was the middle of the night for me. Although being woke up was a bit unfortunate considering I had an early meeting, I loved hearing from him.  I also got to Skype with Rae this week and it was adorable. I got lots of kisses blown to me and she got upset if Mawmee tried to show anyone else the screen.

The weekend rolled around and on Saturday we went to Loch Lomond. And it was beautiful.



This was the path snaking up to Balloch Castle.

We took a ferry tour on the loch, and it was so gorgeous.  Apparently, Loch Lomond is considered the Gateway to the Highlands. We also saw some of the mountains that are called Munros, which means they’re over 3000 ft. high. You can hike them and it’s called Munro Bagging.

We also made it to Balloch Castle. And we took a lot of silly photos up there.




Needless to say we had a lot of fun. I can’t wait to heading into the highlands. Loch Lomond seemed like the beginning and I am so excited to see what else Scotland has in store.

We also went out to my very first night club. It was…interesting. I was really excited about the variety of music that was played. And I did have a really good time, even if the walk home after standing and dancing all night pretty much destroyed my feet. Needless to say I haven’t left my flat today and I’ve had soft fuzzy socks on all day.

Anyway, I guess I should go get started on my class reading. Boo.

Sláinte, darling!

3 thoughts on “Week Two.

  1. If you’re open to suggestions for places to visit I’d recommend Arran. It’s described as Scotland in miniature and is one of my favourite places. Train from Glasgow Central to Ardrossan Harbour then an hours sail.

    If you’re a fan of Outlander you could also venture to Linlithgow which is where they filmed some of it (I think the prison bit). It’s not too far from Glasgow and is enroute to Edinburgh on the train which is also a must visit.


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