New Year, New Books

New year, new books


It’s 2018 already?! Phew.  2017 flew by for me. It’s been full of exciting things, good reads, and some big changes.  I’m excited to see what 2018  has in store for me. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged (I’m the WORST, I know) so I wanted to share some fun stuff I did in 2017, along with some of my favorite 2017 reads.  Then I’ll share what I’m most excited for in 2018.  You ready? Here we gooooo.


As a whole, it was a bit of a hot mess, but I had some amazing things happen, and some great memories were made so I can’t complain too much.  I started a new job as a librarian at a community college.  This job has been such a blessing for me.  I love it more than I would’ve ever imagined and I am excited to see how else I can help my campus grow.  Plus, I get paid to read books and help students.  Does it get much better than that?!

I went to Chicago for ALA with two of my friends.  I LOVE Chicago, I try to visit there at least once a year.  Plus I always have a wonderful time seeing Brian and Ryan, who always graciously host me!

The fall and winter flew by for me, with being busy at work.  I found I did most of my reading for the year this fall. I set my Goodreads challenge to 75 books and I am proud to say I finished 2017 with 127 books completed! With that being said here are some of my favorite books from 2017!

  • Samantha Young – Young had a very busy year this year and released 4 books.  All of which I LOVE LOVE LOVED.  They were Every Little Thing, The Impossible Vastness of Us, Play On, and Villain.  I’m forever praising her books, but they’re always amazing.  I am stooooooked for what she has for us in 2018.
  • The Winter King – CL Wilson– It was published in 2014, but I picked it up per Meagan’s recommendations in 2017 and IT IS FOREVER ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS.
  • Tairen Soul Series – CL Wilson – I can’t mention TWK without mentioning The Tairen Soul series.  It’s fantasy and romance and you just don’t want to ever put it down.
  • Rhapsodic – Laura Thalassa – This book was definitely one of my favorites.  It has magic, fae, mystery, and it gets seriously steamy.  Currently there are 3 books in the series, (2 novels and a novella).  If you enjoyed SJM’s A Court of Thorns and Roses series I definitely recommend you pick this series up.  It’s got a lot of similar elements and it’s one heck of a sexy, compelling story.
  • Love in the Afternoon – Lisa Kleypas – This book is actually the 5th book in Kleypas’s The Hathaways series.  I started reading Historical Romance/Regency Romance this year and I fell into a rabbit hole.  I devoured book after book.  My two favorite HR authors are Lisa Kleypas and Julia Quinn.  I love ALL of Kleypas’s books, but  Love in the Afternoon just made an impression on me.  Beatrix is one of my favorite leading ladies.  She’s sweet, kind, and quirky.  Her story was one of the sweetest ones I’ve read, and I adored it.  ( Also Julia Quinn’s Bridgertons series is AHHMAZING.)

I can keep going on and on about the books I read and loved from 2017 but instead you can check out my 2017 reading challenge and you can browse it if you’d like.  Ask me any questions! And if you want to talk Historical Romance, I’m ya girl!! (also, oddly enough, I read a LOT of alien romance – some was pleasantly surprising, some was eh.)


So, I’m starting grad school this January (EEP!!).  I’m going for my Masters of Library and Information Sciences, I am so excited to be taking this step.  Anyway, I know I’ll probably be swamped with work so I’m not sure how my leisure reading is going to go.  Luckily I’m taking a Teen Materials class that is FULL of great YA picks.  I set my 2018 reading challenge for 100 books, so I am hoping I’ll be able to knock it out pretty easily.  So before I get too long winded here are the books I’m excited to pick up in 2018.

  • Harry Potter – JK Rowling – I’ve never read HP….I KNOW OKAY. How can I call myself a librarian and I’ve never read it?! I’m remedying that this year.
  • On Hart’s Boardwalk – Samantha Young – OF COURSE Sam Young is on my list.  I am literally dreaming about the day I get this beautiful thing in my hands. MY BABES ARE BACK. I get to see my favorites, Liv and Nate again.  Their story from Before Jamaica Lane is my favorite.  Olivia was hands down the book character I’ve ever related to the most.  I felt like my life was written on the pages.  Liv’s struggles are something I think a lot of people have, so her story is particularly resonating.  Sam is also releasing more books this year but aside from The Fragile Ordinary, the rest is a little hush hush.  But you know I’ll be here fangirling about every single one.
  • A Court of Frost and Starlight – Sarah J Maas – This really can’t be a surprise.  I love SJM and I’m basically here to get my greedy little hands on ACOFAS because Nessian.  Need I say more? (PS: Sarah, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me all the Cassian and Nesta.) (PPS: SJM don’t destroy my heart too bad in TOG 8)
  • A Reaper at the Gates – Sabaa Tahir – It’s been a while but Sabaa has been perfecting Reaper for us so I can (im)patiently wait to get my hands on it.  Especially after the Torch ending.  I’m a Sabaa stan. Sorry not sorry. (stan disclaimer: not actually crazy or mean about it though.)
  • Dance of Thieves – Mary E Pearson – SET IN THE REMNANT CHRONICLES UNIVERSE. I’M HERE FOR THIS 100%.
  • Hello Stranger – Lisa Kleypas – I’m a Kleypas junkie.  I can’t wait to get Dr. Garrett Gibson’s book.  Dr. G’s here to kick ass and take names.

I don’t want my list to get too long so I’ll just refer you to my 2018 TBR list on GR for the rest.  I am totally excited to start my challenge and devour alllllll the books.


Ready. Set. Read.

What’s in store for you in 2018? What are you the most excited about?

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