Black Dagger Brotherhood Series Review


Keeping on the Paranormal Romance train, I just wrapped up with J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. So here’s another series review for y’all!

I’ve been on a serious paranormal romance binge lately.  I’ve read a few here and there like Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series, and Jennifer Armentrout’s Wicked trilogy but I recently ventured into Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld which led me to the very popular Black Dagger Brotherhood. So 15 books later, here I am with a review!


Dark Lover is Book One in the series. It introduces our vampire king, Wrath.

Books in series: 15.5 and continuing

Publisher:  Penguin Group

Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Series Rating: 4/5 Stars

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  1. Dark Lover
  2. Lover Eternal
  3. Lover Awakened
  4. Lover Revealed
  5. Lover Unbound
  6. Lover Enshrined + 6.5 Father Mine
  7. Lover Avenged
  8. Lover Mine
  9. Lover Unleashed
  10. Lover Reborn
  11. Lover at Last
  12. The King
  13. The Shadows
  14. The Beast
  15. The Chosen


I dived off into the rather long and intimidating Black Dagger Brotherhood rabbit hole. As a whole, I really enjoy the series.  There are certain aspects I don’t like but I’ll definitely keep reading the series as she puts out books.  I’m currently reading her spinoff series, Black Dagger Legacy, which I am really liking.

Book One, Dark Lover, introduces us to the vampire king, Wrath and the rest of the Brothers.  While it’s not my favorite book of them, I couldn’t wait to get to know the other Brothers in more detail in the future books.  My favorite three Brothers are definitely Zsadist, Rhage, and Butch.  Those three are my faaaaaaaaaaaves.  While I find myself frustrated with the Brothers at times, I have to say, I really love all of Ward’s heroines.  They’re all complements of their mates, but are all different.

What I love about this series:

Zsadist. Rhage. Butch. Ha! But, no, really, I love hearing about the Brothers.  The cast is so large and the dynamic between everyone is so welcoming and hilarious. I love their shellans, especially when they put the brooding, hulking, alpha Brothers in their places.  Ward has created a world that readers will enjoy diving into.

What I don’t like about this series:

I found myself getting kind of bored in some areas. In others I would just skip over unless there’s dialog (lesser chapers, I’m looking at you).  After so long, a lot of the Brothers just start to sound the same.  They lose some of the uniqueness of their individual voices.  My biggest disappointment is the fact that you can go for books without hearing from some characters, despite them all living in the same house.  Ward has a huge cast, and if they’re out of sight, they’re out of mind.  I get frustrated because you’ll leave a book about one couple only to not hear a peep from them in the next book.  It’s quite the catch 22. I love the huge cast, but I just wanna hear from everyone.

Overall, I’ll definitely keep with the series. I can’t wait for Lassiter’s book. It’s going to be as fabulous as he is. I’m also hoping Ward gives me another Zsadist book, cause ya girl needs more Z in her life.  Ugh, I need more Brothers in my life. Period.


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