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Get to Know MeI was looking into book tags and such because I had never done one and Annika from Hiding Books posted this tag on twitter encouraging everyone to participate. So, if you don’t know much about me, here’s some fun facts. You can read Annika’s post here!



Name: Michelle

Nicknames: Shelly, Shell, Belle, Bellbell, Shell-Bell, Bella…any variation on the “elle” basically.

Birthday: May 20 1993! My mom and I share the same birthday!

Star Sign: The most fitting one – Taurus. I’m rather bull headed.

Occupation: Currently? Writer by day, waitress by night, but soon I’ll be a teacher. Yay for molding the minds of the youth.








Hair color: Bottle brown and blonde, but naturally brown!

Hair length: Long and unruly

Eye color: Blue

Best Feature: Er, um my butt

giphy (1)







Braces: Nada, never.

Piercings: Only my ears

Tattoos: None….currently. *wiggles eyebrows*

Right or Left: Right. My left is like a 2 year old, I can’t even color in the lines with my left.




Best Friend: In Kindergarden I was bestest friends forever with Chandler. Good times.

Award: The first one I remember was the DARE award in grade school. Mostly because I got it from a cop.

Sport: I ahem attempted to play basketball.

Real Holiday: We always went to the beach in the summer. Destin if I remember correctly.

Concert: BACKSTREET BOYS, BABY! I was in LOVE with Nick. I’ll never forget you.



Film: I have an unhealthy love for Dirty Dancing. Who doesn’t love Baby and johnny?!

TV Show: OUTLANDER. Ugh, Jamie.

giphy (2)






Color: I’m partial to green and lavender. And gold. I lovvvvveee gold.

Restaurant: Anywhere that serves Mexican Food.

Books: That’s just not a fair question. HOWEVER, I love anything Bardugo. So let’s just say all of her books. And Samatha Young’s On Dublin Street series.

Shoes: My vans. Or anything I can slip on. Preferably without socks.




Feeling: Too much.

Single or Taken: Single and ready to mingle. ahahaha, no. But I am really single.

Eating: Nothing unless you count sugar in my coffee.

Thinking About: How I wish it was a tad bit sunnier today.

Watching: Outlander. Duh.

Wearing: A real shirt and pajama pants. That’s what I do when I work from home in case of Skype calls.




Want Children: Yes. But in the distant future.

Want to be Married: Yep, I think it’d be a good time.

Careers in Mind: Teaaaaching.

Where You Want To Live: Chicago or go back to Scotland, only this time live in Edinburgh.




God: Yes.

Miracles: Yep

Love at First Sight: With shoes? Food? Puppies? Yes. Humans? Ehhh.

Ghosts: I don’t play with ghosts. Nope, no siiiireeeee.

Aliens: Yes because I feel silly thinking we humans are the only beings in the universe.

Soul Mates: If you’re lucky.

Heaven: Yes

Hell: Yes

Kissing on the First Date: If you want to, I mean, I don’t find a problem with it. If you want a smooch then go for it!

Yourself: I used to be more skeptical but now – heck yes!

giphy (3)






This was really fun for my first tag post! So if you haven’t done this tag then I encourage you to! Let everyone know a bit more about yourself!

2 thoughts on “Get To Know Me

  1. I’m so glad you decided to do the tag!
    Good luck with teaching! That’s going to be so exciting! Also, the Backstreet boys?! They’re still my go-to karaoke choice. Stuck in the nineties and proud!
    And omg omg omg Oulander! Jamie! Woohoo!
    Edinburgh would be so lovely to live in!
    Thanks for sharing all this about you – it was so nice to read 🙂


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