Thirsty Thursday #1

Thirsty Thursday


I’m super pumped to share with y’all my new Thirsty Thursday tag, where each week I’ll pick a book babe to gush about.  It’s the book babes you love reading about and wish you had and basically make you a thirsty gal (or guy).  So without further adieu my debut Thirsty Thursday pick goes to….

Jamie Fraser

Jamie Fraser

I know this is the TV show Jamie but ugh, Sam is a brilliant Jamie.  I fell in love with Jamie from the first glimpse of him in Outlander.  His and Claire’s relationship are actual goals.   They’re both strong, independent, intelligent people but they balance each other out and create a beautiful romance to read.

It also goes to say James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is perfection on a page (and tv screen).  The rugged Scotsman is the romantic ideal of a Highlander.  It’s been a while since I’ve read Outlander but Jamie always ranks high on my list for the ultimate book babe. And the best news? There’s like a zillion Outlander books to get your Jamie Fix from. Along with the beautiful visual aid that is the Starz adaptation of it.

If you somehow have never heard of who Jamie Fraser is then you can discover him in all his Scottish perfection beginning in Outlander, here’s the goodreads. If you want to watch a glorious book to film adaptation, Starz has done an amazing job with Outlander show.  The entire casting is literal perfection.

Which book babe makes you swoon a little when you read them?

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