Fangirl Friday #1

I am so very excited to introduce my new community feature, Fangirl Friday! Each Friday I’ll do a post with a prompt about something I fangirl about and I hope that others will join in and use the #FangirlFriday tag so I can see what everyone else fangirls (or fanboys) about and maybe I can join in with them! Fandoms are full of the best people! So without further ado here’s the debut!

Fangirl Friday (2)


So for the first week I figured I would just do author to keep things simple as I work though the introduction.  Now, this isn’t your favorite author (or maybe it is! No pressure) but rather an author that you just love or is maybe on your auto buy list. I’ll definitely be using the author prompt again in the future so don’t worry that you only get to pick one.

This week’s fangirl goes to…Sarah J Maas. I will forever buy every single SJMaas book that gets released.  I absolutely love her books. The Throne of Glass series is INCREDIBLE. I even bought the UK covers of the ToG series while I lived in Scotland because they’re just so pretty! So I have my lovely white UK covers and my fabulous black US covers to fit into my collection.

IMG_2534See, I told you I loved it. I might have gotten a cup this week that says “Fire Breathing Bitch Queen” on it…

I am beyond excited for the release of A Court of Mist and Fury. BEYOND excited.  In case you missed it if you preorder ACOMAF and send your receipt in you can win a rad tote bag. If you’re interested in that you can see the tote and find out more here.

This week has been full of SJMaas news and juicy stuff. First the title for Throne of Glass 5 was released this week and it’s:

Empire of Storms 

Doesn’t it excite you?! It sounds amazing. I can’t wait for it’s release this fall! If you’re like me you may want to have it preordered so here’s the amazon preorder for Empire of Storms.

Now, for those of you who know me this isn’t news, but for those who don’t A Court of Thorns and Roses is one of my favorite books ever. It’s sequel, A Court of Mist and Fury, releases in May and I can’t wait. So it’s no surprise that I get the most excited about how they keep letting out little teasers for A Court of Mist and Fury! EW has an exclusive excerpt that rocked my world. Some call me a masochist for reading all of this and teasing myself, but I’ll gladly suffer for SJMaas. Then the Throne of Glass Facebook page released this little gem asking who we thought said this:


Ummm, it better be Tamlin. (He’s my ultimate ACOTAR babe).

I can go on for days about how much I love SJMaas. Seriously, the woman creates amazing worlds full of characters you hate to love and love to hate.  They’re flawed and perfect and are completely enthralling to read about.  Her novels are the kind that you have to take a minute to stop, close your book, and take a moment – maybe to cry, to sigh, or just gather yourself up- before you can keep reading.  She’s brilliant, her characters are brilliant, her novels are brilliant, basically everything she does is gold.

So if you aren’t a member of the Sarah J Maas fanwagon then you definitely need to jump on this locomotion. It’s headed straight to feelsville.

Oh! And if you’re a Spotify user she posts playlists of music she listened to while writing each book on her profile and even has a public fan recommendation playlist for each book that fans get to add to! They’re really awesome playlists too. I’ve had them all on repeat all week, I think my favorite is the ACOTAR Fan Recommendation. Her Spotify username is therealsjmaas and here’s the link for her Spotify profile. Go listen and enjoy!

If you’d like to join in next week the Fangirl Friday is on upcoming Spring/Summer releases. I wanna hear what you guys are the most excited to read!

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